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«real feel & look by CHRISTIAN FELIX» – three names, two shops, one philosophy! Under the inspiration of Christian Felix the flower shop «real - live art» & «feel - timeless charm» the hand-crafted artificial flower shop and the interior design shop «look - finest view» together constitute a harmonious unit. They also share the same business philosophy, which is based on expertise, originality, individuality, quality and reliability.

Colour is power. Creativity is life.
This is Christian Felix’ motto.

christian felix

He has always been fascinated by nature with its infinite nuances of colour and texture. Growing up on his parents’ farm in Thurgau, he was more likely to be found tinkering in the garden than in the barns. He wants to train as a florist, but his parents decide that there is no money in this and so Christian Felix decides to do an apprenticeship in gardening. But in his heart he knows that he was born to be a florist and so he subsequently takes on a second apprenticeship as a florist. Even at this stage of his career his choice of teacher proves that only the best is good enough: his training is with the prestigious flower shop «Marsano» on Paradeplatz in Zürich.

His distinctive talent for floristry is soon recognised and he swiftly advances in the company hierarchy. He is sent to work in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo where he becomes acquainted with interesting work techniques including Japanese aesthetics. His expertise grows and «Marsano» offers Christian Felix the position of creative director and subsequently that of managing director. After twelve successful years Christian Felix opens his own shop in 1995.

is the result of the many successful years Christian Felix has spent as a floral artist both in Switzerland and abroad. This professionalism is what our customers have come to expect in their search for the perfect, customized floral arrangement to infuse their home with a magical atmosphere. The fact that he was contacted by a French company and asked to set up and monitor the production of true to life, artificial flowers in China serves only to illustrate this expertise. His customers entrust him with their home renovation projects from start to finish, inclusive of all the home accessories. Christian Felix is well aware that expertise – along with originality and a sense of beauty – is also dependent upon a constant learning process, a healthy curiosity and the thrill of taking on new challenges.

is his trademark both in the field of flowers and interior design. This is his strength. His distinctive flair for shapes and colours, for materials and textures inspires him to find ever new ways of drawing attention to a single flower or an individual room. His creativity is fired by such undertakings as designing floral decorations for a lavish ball or the transformation of a rustic country house into an elegant, stylish home. Confident in his sense of style he discovers nuances of colour and exactly the right texture to produce the desired effect, and should a small detail be lacking, he simply designs vases and bowls, mirrors and ornamental screens himself.

is paramount – and not just his own, but that of the potential customer. Only after he has taken the time to listen attentively to his customers’ ideas does he let his creativity inspire him, using all his specialist knowledge to provide the perfect solution to each individual wish. Indeed, his artistic talent lies in discerning how each individual customer’s personality can best be expressed by a fabulous flower arrangement, or what kind of interior ambience would best suit each individual client.

is the basis of any art form – of this Christian Felix is absolutely convinced. He can be found at the market every morning at 4.30 a.m. seeking out the most beautiful flowers, for only these – whether a simple violet or exotic heliconia – are given shelf space in his shop. And Christian Felix is not happy until each individual artificial flower has been imbued with a brilliance, an unrivalled individuality, an almost tangible vitality, all due to the amazing skills of the Chinese craftswomen. It is self-evident that in the field of interior design, too, he collaborates only with the best, for example Donghia and JNL Furniture, Andrew Martin and Rubelli. And it goes without saying that the craftsmanship must comply with Christian Felix’ own very high standards.

is not a word generally associated with originality, but it is nevertheless a prerequisite for satisfied customers. The floral works of art are delivered on schedule, the calyces open just before the guests arrive – ah, the complex joys of floristry! Each craftsman is kept in the loop, with the result that when it is time to move into the newly designed, elegant residence, not a cushion or curtain is missing and each accessory, be it an exquisite vase or bowl, is in its place. Christian Felix also ensures that seasonal blossoms decorate your balcony and terrace, so that interior and exterior form a harmonious unit.

Dynamic, autonomous, groundbreaking and original, always on the look-out for new ideas to take their customers - both at home and abroad - by surprise. It is with this attitude, full of energy and enthusiasm that Christian Felix and his team arrive for work every day at the two shops «real feel & look by CHRISTIAN FELIX».

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